Yoga Benefits


Yoga literally means ‘union’ - the unification of body, mind and spirit.

It provides a complete system - a truly holistic system - which helps to unite all aspects of your being for a more balanced life.

Yoga can help you to:

    - Manage stressful situations at work and at home

    - Relieve postural stresses and strains

    - Balance all aspects of life

    - Relax at the end of the day

    - Feel lighter, stronger and more capable of functioning in

      the world

    - Improve your attitude, no matter what you do

    - Feel at peace with yourself and the world around you

    - Generate and harness your body and mind’s own energy

    - Achieve a profound sense of wellbeing

    - Operate from a position of inner strength and knowledge

    - Make better decisions and act in a more balanced way